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Asian Fusion

Asian Food is Lifeee. Food is so good and I must say I love to eat. I love to try new things and new places and I got the privilege to try this pretty cool place called Mama Asian Noodle and Bar  located at The Promenade at Coconut Creek. It is a “Smart, modern eatery with a red-on-red interior offering refined Pan-Asian plates & sushi rolls.” The dining experience is not so bad. Once you enter in you are welcomed into an Asian sensation with a modern twist and you get seated immediately which is a plus! The ambiance is mellow, romantic, and relaxing. The waiters are very attentive, although language is a slight barrier, they made sure our cups were full and all our needs were met.


Now lets talk about the best part, the food!


Food Time!

The food is amazinggg. I ordered the chicken lo mein with the sweet and spicy sauce on the side. The plating was attractive and very pleasing to the eyes. The food was filled with flavor and true to the culture. Living in South Florida it can get hard to find authentic Asian restaurants and I must say Mama Asian Noodle and Bar is very authentic. The flavors are so pure you can taste every ingredient within.

Portion sizes:

The portion size is okay. It could just be because I am an American and we eat huge portions. However, I do wish it was enough that I could have left overs.

Money money money:

Now on to the cost! The food is quite pricy compared to the amount they serve you. My plate alone was around $14/$15 dollars and $3 for the drink. Also, I went with my parents and the bill came out to be around $65.00 with the tip included.

Overall Impression:

Mama Asian Noodle and Bar is a place I would go to once or twice a month when I’m really craving authentic Asian food and don’t mind only eating  the dinner without an appetizer. The food is great, the service is good, the prices could be better but it’s worth the awesome flavor.




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  • Jay

    That food look good🍽🍽

    • Asia

      I know right!

  • your sister

    Food looks great🍜🍜

    • Asia

      Thanks 🙂

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