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Lush Cosmetics have been around for awhile now and I finally got the chance to try them out! I loved the experience and the products. The Lush store located in Boca Raton’s Town Center has made an impression that will last a lifetime and I can’t wait to go back. The Lush employees greeted me with smiling faces and cheerful voices and immediately I was excited. Being that it was my first time there, the Lush employees took that as their chance to shower me with awesomeness. The employees took me on a mini tour and demoed a couple of products with care and let me explore. The store’s environment really supports the brand and what it stands for, it’s so free, comforting, fresh and colorful.

I mean look at this bag!

Lush Cosmetics – Product Time!!

My amazing boyfriend bought me the Blackberry Bath Bomb and the Movis Facial Soap  (Click them)

Also, for natural and healthy products the price is worth it.


My Experience 🙂

First, I ran myself a hot bath and dropped the Blackberry Bath Bomb in. The bath bomb spun around and fizzed up and turned the water purple!!! Now, my skin is silky smooth, and I feel very relaxed. Next, the Movis Facial Soap, the facial soap kind of reminds me of African black soap only this soap exfoliates too. It smells like coco butter and sugar and looks like a slice of bread (yumm). After using the soap my face felt refreshed, super clean and my complexion was on fleek.

Lush Cosmetics has an A+ in my book! They have great customer service, displays, and products. I will be a lifetime customer and I can’t wait to try every last product!

P.S.  Since Mother’s Day is around the corner, Lush Cosmetics has a lot of Mother’s Day themed products and I wouldn’t want to miss out! I know I won’t 🙂

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  • Felicia-Juliana

    Love this post! Lush are fab! I cant get enough of their bath bombs i find myself halving them just to same them. P.S Your blog looks great!xfjx

    • Asia

      Thank youuu

  • Jay

    Wow you sold me I must try…..Your experience alone sell the products💯💯💯

    • Asia

      Lush will not disappoint you!

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