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Don't Be Afraid3 Reasons Why You Should Seek Closure

Life can be very challenging because it’s full of surprises and just life can be unfair. As human beings we thrive off of relationships. We need interaction to survive and to prosper in life and without that we will simply lose ourselves. When traumatic events occur in our lives, whether we lost a loved one or just ended a life long friendship seeking closure is an important way to heal and also keep our mental health.

I have always been the type of person to just brush things off and make myself think I don’t care about things. For example, I would lose a friendship or lose a loved one and would barely shed a tear or really handle the situation at hand. I would say oh well it’s life you have to move on. Even though to a certain extent this is true, however, it isn’t a healthy way to deal with issues such as these.


The Reasons

  1. Depression
  2. No Self Awareness
  3. Life will not move forward


Depression has become an epidemic that will not slow down! and I know for one that not seeking closure or opening up to someone is a main cause of depression.

Self awareness is very important because you are happy with who you are and can work on the things you want to change if you aren’t. If you lose your self awareness you can easily become  grumpy, evil, mean, needy etc.

Life needs to move forward! Staying stagnant in your life will not benefit you in any way. You will dive deeper into depression and because you are not aware of “self” you won’t be able to make changes.


No one wants to have their whole life go down hill just because they didn’t seek any closure.

My Story

(Long Story Reallly Short)

I have a best friend, that I’ve literally known for 8 years now, that I love and care about deeply. We became friends the first day of sixth grade and been friends ever since! One day senior year (2015) we had a bad falling out and haven’t talked since. I would message her here and there and she would reply sometimes but it eventually died down. Before then, I was always outgoing and free spirited but for some reason I slowly changed after this.

Afterwards, I became mildly depressed as in not wanting to go places, felt like I had no friends or wasn’t capable of being a friend, I had trust issues, and more. I know what you’re thinking ” man you went through all that because you had a falling out?!?” well see, I myself didn’t know somethings like this can have such a huge effect on my life until I realized I always wanted to hang out with her and be our crazy selves again every time I was super bored and sad. Just this week I really felt the urge to message her and just bring everything out on the table and ask why haven’t we talked in so long because I really didn’t understand how we got to that point. She responded we made up and I haven’t felt so relieved and happy in my life not because we became friends again but because I got closure and a better understanding  of what happened.


Seek closure guys no matter the situation! If you went through a bad break up, friendship ended, lost a loved one don’t let it linger.


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  • Jay

    Amazing words of wisdom we can use more people like you in this world

    • Asia

      We need to speak more on these things!

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