Top Ten Ways To Tell If He Is Serious About Me

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No one wants to waste their precious time dating and investing into someone that has no real interest in them or their goals.

*Im not sure if I’ve made it clear, but all of my advice and opinions are christian motivated*


Living in today’s world relationships are so abused in the context of boundaries and real end goals. Nowadays, everyone just get into relationships in fear of being lonely and they never have a true purpose or goal to reach. They Date for years and marriage never will see the light of day. I truly believe if you’re not interested in marriage being a possible end goal then you shouldn’t be dating at all. Now, I’m not saying that you should only date if you’re marrying that person for sure, however, marriage should be the point of you dating and if you’re not interested in that person don’t date them. Life is full of lessons and no one is perfect but don’t waste your time on people who can’t make a commitment.

Also, if you know that specific person is not for you do yourself a favor and move on! Toxic and unhealthy relationships has become the norm for today’s society in dating and it needs to stop. Don’t date to just stay occupied, Don’t date for sex and etc. Sex before marriage has become so normalized in the world today that even some christians have a hard time understanding why do you need to wait? especially if you love the person. I was one of those christians that really didn’t understand the purpose of staying pure, not just being a virgin, but actually having a pure mind (but that’s another post).

is he serious

Now is he serious about me ?! lets see!

Does he…..

  1. Respect you and everything about you – If he genuinely respects you, your boundaries, morals, and family etc. then he is really serious about you and your relationship. Not many men are willing to put his girl before himself enough to respect her to the max.
  2. Takes the initiative – If he take the initiative to pursue you he is interested!
  3. Care about your calling and the purpose God has for you – Now, If he even ask about your purpose in life he may not only be interested, but can be a potential keeper!
  4. Prays with / for you – If he is praying for you and with you he is serious about you and without a doubt cares for you.
  5. Ask questions –  If he is asking questions most likely he is taking the time to get to know you more and is making mental notes about every answer.
  6. Listen – Now, If he really was listening to every answer and remembers the things you’ve talked about he is serious!
  7. Spend time with you  There’s no excuse! It may not be the exact day you may want to, but he will find the time to spend with you because he knows the importance of quality time and he is serious!
  8. Tell his parents about you – If he has taken the time out to introduce you to his parents and even talk to them about you he is definitely serious.
  9. Tell his friends about you –  This is just as important as the parents because if he is hiding you from his friends he is most likely not ready for a serious relationship at the moment.
  10. Have an end goal for the relationship – Does he see himself getting married to you and making you his wife in the end? If he doesn’t seem interested he may not be ready and most likely isn’t serious about you or the relationship.


Does he emphasize sex or encourage fornication? He’s either not educated on the reasons for waiting, he just wants to hit it and quit it or he is NOT serious and do not plan on marrying you no time soon or at all.


So there you go ladies my top ten ways to tell he is serious about you! I hope this was helpful <3

xo Asia


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